Battle of wills. Part 2

The 2024 bottle lambs

Stubborn sheep.  But they can change too.  One of this year’s bottle fed lamb’s personality really demonstrated independence.  He would often be in a different area of the paddock, then start crying his heart out not just for milk but for them to pay attention to him. Yet he was the one that missed his grain, since he kept looking for something better. The paddock has a flimsy wire barrier atop a rock wall, so if he jumped into the back, there was no return.  He would start yelling at the top of his voice long and loud. I could hear him from my condo.  I patched the hole in the barrier, but then he would do it again.  But that journey started when another lamb his age that I wrote about earlier this month.  She needed the grain but would not stay in the pen where the grain was fed.  He followed her over the rock wall barrier only a couple of times, and so she taught him to go off on his own. She had to be removed to another field, so that grain stopped for her. 

And now he’s changed. He realized his grain was coming from me.  His provision was always there but he needed to remain near his source.  

Ring any bells?  My life is being changed not by what I do, but who I remain close to. And now as I see my first love once again, my heart is excited and refreshed far more often. 

Author: Thema

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