Applying pressure

My sheep flock have split into two groups.  Those who trust me and those who don’t. For a week I attempted to move six escaped sheep back inside their paddock.  Guinea grass up to 12 feet tall and thick brush kept them concealed from my view.  They didn’t run, they just disappeared from my view and went their merry way. If I opened up the paddock, all the trusting sheep would follow me outside, and if I stopped giving them treats they would join the stray sheep in this escapade. I knew dogs could find and attack them or the escapees could be hit by a car.

That means as a shepherd I have to go after the stray sheep differently.  My voice is raised, I clap my hands, or if necessary rush at them to make them move.  I just purchased a whip with a flag at the end.  The whip’s noise and motion worked.  As a human shepherd I needed other helpers to keep sheep moving into their field.  God doesn’t need us to rescue people, yet he desires us to be involved.  Taking care of children, friends, or other loved ones means warning them of danger or perhaps passivity. Pressure applied for right reasons brings the errant ones back within God’s plan. My disobedient sheep needed that pressure and as humans so do we.

Author: Thema

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