Momma defends her lambs

Once these lambs get past their newborn phase, you barely can catch any of them in the open field.

One individual sheep has no protection. Yet I witnessed a new momma sheep place her body between an intruder and her lamb.  Her just born lamb had no speed and she knew it.  She was willing to take the blows from any attacker even though she has no defenses like horses teeth or the ability to strike or kick. This momma reaction can be seen at the 10:30 mark on the Sheep Game vlog

Even though in the video the intruder was the shepherd, my own flock had a group reaction to their perceived danger.  In this case there were no just born lambs and even the youngest baby lamb will fly with their mother, twisting and turning as one unit, back to the safety of the flock’s huddle.  

We are not meant to be alone.  When danger or struggle comes, the correct place to run is to the Ultimate protector, and He designed us to be in units, like families and communities.  

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