These four lambs who lost their mothers demand their milk even after receiving their feeding. I carry four bottles and feed two at a time, they push and climb on each other because their appetite demands they fight. They lack understanding that the supply of daily bread and health already came. Even as the milk settles into their bellies I witness the first two lambs attempt steal from the second batch.

The mom with her own lambs teaches them to listen to her voice, they run to her from any distance and get fed. They call out to her if they are afraid or hungry. They might try to eat from another mom, but get butted away. The true mom deliberately stops her young from feeding at the proper moment and all is quiet and peaceful.

Appetite is created by God, however where we run and how we behave makes the difference. The fight between orphan lambs mirror us who have orphan spirits. Once we believe in a loving provider, calmness can enter.

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