Restarting the nuclear missile race?

As the Cold War ended, apparently the fears of nuclear armageddon also subsided.  However, last week Trump decided to abandon the last arms control treaty, INF, so it appears that the nuclear missile industry enters an even more dangerous phase.

While the Russian President Putin reiterated that their country would never carry out a first strike, he relished exchanging barbs with Trump over the prospect of a renewed nuclear race. Putin warned that no new missiles should ever be approved to be placed in any of NATO’s territories.

Trump believes both Russia and China are not being honest about their nuclear stockpiles.  The prospect of both countries improving their military arsenal, while USA is honoring the INF treaty is Trump’s motivation to tear up that treaty. Both countries deny this missile buildup.

The Russian military believes that they were deprived of their weapons, so they could already be looking for a way out of the treaty anyway, which could explain why Putin seems to be so relaxed about this topic.   The BBC columnist quoted Putin at Valdai Discussion Club held in Sochi area: “martyrs and go to heaven, whilst [the aggressors] would just croak. Because they wouldn’t even have time to repent” Those at the event laughed. It would never have been said back in 1986 by that era’s Russian president.

It seems so futile to be building more nuclear missiles in my opinion. While it is true that the INF treaty looks to be disappearing, does that mean USA needs to spend useless money on more missiles?  I hope not. With Europe not really taking seriously the threat to their nations, it would make sense to avoid a new missile building race anyway.  With both Russia and USA vowing to never send the first strike, then it’s more likely another rouge nation would cause problems, so missiles, unfortunately, can never be totally eliminated.  I believe spending on newly designed missiles only takes away cash from other vital needs. The nuclear deterrent isn’t measured by numbers or strength, it is measured by the will of the country’s people against war.

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