How Biblical belief affects everything

I’m still pondering the genesis creating power given to us by the Holy Spirit. Jesus went about healing people with his physical touch, or spoken words. Does he want us to believe this happens for us too? 

I do wonder if, since our earthly desire for power easily corrupts us, it may mean God’s gifts demonstrated in Jesus isn’t fully realized in our lives. Yet what pleases our Father the most is faith and trust in his promises. 

Apparently to grow this faith, it needs memory work, like a doctor needs memory\physical work, or an athlete needs memory/physical work.  Both do their utmost, but results are not within their power either.

I should believe that the ultimate source embodied in Jesus is living in my body right now and all things are possible. However I make excuses, or I wait for God to take action, but am growing to believe God is often waiting for us. 

I keep remembering in the movie Matrix Neo said of his protegee, “he believes” at the point of transformation. Same thing happened to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. What we believe has an enormous effect on our becoming what God designed us to become. Our work is to believe God’s truth, not our version of it. Jesus really does carry our burden and we are his co-laborers. As the mind of Christ resides in us, our thoughts do hold power to change things, so all things really are possible.