Women’s views on Kavanaugh


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My homework is to write about a news article and comment on it. While looking for a news story, I struggled with which source to use.  I found this one, and the picture above is more reflective of my feelings about certain media sources, but the article I found does sound like a story I would trust.

At LA Times, an article appeared about women that do support Brett Kavanaugh. They quoted five women from different parts of United States.  Each of them talked about Christine Ford’s allegations and felt that though Ford experienced an assault, they weren’t convinced that the assailant could be identified as Kavanaugh, and her memory could very well be faulty. Some of the women who were interviewed were assault victims themselves.

I agree with them that the timing of this revelation is suspect, politically-motivated last attempt to derail a man.  I believe Kavanaugh can uphold our constitution as our nation’s founders intended and this runs against the leanings of progressive thought.  

Kavanaugh has been vetted by the FBI for each of his judicial appointments. Why haven’t those investigations come up with anything more substantial?

Shortly after the first report of the sexual allegation came out, 65 women came to Kavanaugh’s defense. They knew him personally from their high school days.  

I believe that major media outlets have become the judge and jury and have not listened to women who have come to Kavanaugh’s defense.

Though I believe that men in all vocations can hide their past and seem like they are innocent, I truly believe this is an accusation pointed at the wrong man.  If there’s a pattern started in high school, it would be evident in later life, and would have showed up in the extreme vetting that would be done for any candidate for the Supreme Court.  Trump and his aides would be looking for any red flags that would cause problems with the nomination.  Not only that, the FBI haven’t found anything.  The breaking news today is that Trump asked the FBI to go back 36 years ago and interview his high school friends and that is a very unusual procedure for any job opportunity.  That sounds like Trump is confident of his choice.

Who has clean hands?  No one, but if the vetting of the supreme court candidate didn’t find anything for the past 10 years as the FBI has done and then an even more thorough vetting by the White House, then it’s a good possibility that Kavanaugh is worthy of being our next Supreme Court Justice.



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