Kristen Johnson – Justice Calling

Photo by Luke Palmer on Unsplash

My wow moments were plentiful, and this is one highlight during the Justice week.  The idea that sin entered the world though the climate of distrust towards God being the bigger problem than the idea of sin through disobedience.  Perhaps it is semantics, but it meant more to me to know that God provided everything we needed in Eden, and as a man and woman, we chose the ONE thing he said no to…proving we had a lack of trust in HIS word. I now look at trusting God in a deeper way because of this.

I’m praying about how to engage Sabbath in a more honoring way.  It’s been more along the lines of getting spiritually fed like a solitary bird, but as I wrote this I realized this isn’t entirely true, I’ve shared certain things received from the Lord with my friends over a meal.  I just want to be more intentional in doing more sharing of the goodness of God.  I also want to acknowledge more ways to engage other people in the Sabbath, and this will be a work in progress.

Seeing dikaiosyne as being the root word of both righteousness and justice turned into one very important topic.  Previously, I sort took it on a surface level, but to see it ingrained into the whole Bible story, makes it fresh and real.  This made the idea of justice much deeper and more meaningful.  I need to read/hear the scriptures in the light of God’s heart for the world.

While many describe the Bible story in four themes, creation, fall, redemption, and future promise, the authors see six movements.  They write  “creation, the fall, Israel, Jesus, the church, and all things being made new.”  This forms the general outline of what she’s shared this week and is also in the book “The Justice Calling.

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