Emmanuel Entee


Truth and Transformation’s first week laid the foundations of worldview according to scripture.  Our teacher Emmanuel Entee described various places where our own understanding of the world clashes with God’s truth about the world He created.

Our biblical worldview includes God as a Creator, that man caused the fall and sin to occur, that Jesus came to redeem us, and the future promise which is the age to come.

Knowing our purpose and why we are here will direct our choices and as God transforms us, our worldview will become closer to His truth, and our misconceptions will fall away.

God’s key motivations towards us is to see us have a close, loving relationship with Him and take on the responsibilities He chose for us.

When Emmanuel was talking about tractability, a picture came to my mind.  I’ve actually prayed this vision as well.  In the picture I could see this type of working horse trained to move cattle.  The term is cutting or reining horse. This trained horse has both an instinct on how to move and also responds to the rider’s touch. There’s teamwork, the rider signals the horse in the direction to go and in split seconds the result is separating the lone cow or calf away from the herd. The responsiveness of the horse is the way I picture the teamwork in relation with God being able to say something to me, and I respond in obedience and eagerness. This has been my prayer on occasion. A similar picture is a sheep dog with excellent discipline, the eagerness is controlled by the shepherd’s commands, causing the least amount of stress to the sheep being moved.

In both instances the trainer is not going to get an eager, responsive animal by force, by anger, by any thing that would overwhelm it.  The trust is built step by step. The skills come with the trust, then it is up to the animal to repeat the training given. If only the world could see that God isn’t angry, it’s visible in a lot of ways how love transforms, and it’s still something we all need to learn. Loving your enemy goes a long, long ways.

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