Duane and Miriam Elmer

 (Cross culture relationships)

This week was so good.  I appreciated having both of them and the topic truly impacted me.  As I was in the Philippines with a ministry that I knew God called me into, it brought to light two major things.  One was I wasn’t rejected by the people who believed that time had come to an end and they believed God had better things ahead.  The second was that I was hiding behind my physical hearing difficulty (I was deaf then) and not really engaging and truly willing to change and be a blessing beyond the work I was tasked to do.  

The understanding of both the communication styles and the tendency to negative attributes made a big difference in my understanding of my time in the Philippines as well.

I also loved this one: Maturity is knowing more and more what is worth fighting for and what is not.

It was interesting to see the perspective on who is a cheater and also this question: Which is the worst sin… To tell a lie or to lose your temper.  The answer depends on which culture you are in.

Another great comment was if you are dealing with a problem in a culture different from your own, it is a good idea to take it to the local pastor and not deal directly with the person and the problem

The differences between the majority world and the western world are quite staggering and so that material was so very helpful

There’s lots more but there’s just 5 minutes left before my deadline!

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