Running away? Or?

Shouting at the top of my lungs at my sheep may move them to the corral for life saving treatment. Every month their blood sucking parasites can only be removed by injecting medication into their mouth or with a needle under their skin. But they can outrun me and they hate being trapped, needled or given oral treatments.

By dumping hay pellets inside the corral, it attracts some sheep inside. If the ones not tempted by the feed pellets run, everyone takes off. The timer starts ticking when the grain is poured out. The wilder sheep need to be inside before the grain is eaten. The entire group is at risk if one makes a break for “freedom” instead of submission to the shepherd interested in their well being.

Choices in our lives that reflect submitting to God will affect more than just you. What looks like a private decision can ripple outwards and cause unnecessary suffering elsewhere. Our personal forms of running from the Good Shepherd’s presence affects those around you. Your obedience to Him means people around you reap the result.

Author: Thema

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