Who controls you

Letting go of control, especially perfectionism for me is not a one time and done deal. It comes to the forefront when I realize how much I fear mistakes.  Certain areas do demand full attention and effort such as driving.  

My perfectionism came from desiring life to be safe and comfortable. That thinking keeps me wary of anything new, or delaying multiple decisions to the last minute. The Lord’s words “trust me” or “I’m with you” have taken much time to be integrated into my new being. Believing His love at all times in all ways is a big challenge. Especially if you are a self critic and are still learning your value isn’t about filling in a checklist of good deeds. I think that is why I’m so attracted to the book of Job.  God declares at the end that Job was correct on his view of his righteousness.  That still amazes me to this day and corrects my mindset to know that by believing in Jesus we have the gift of righteousness.