A Real Shepherd

It still amazes me that the bottle-fed lambs never seem to be satisfied. They got fed five times a day with milk, given treats like grain or haole Koa branches I know they love. I keep an eye on their water, their safety, and make sure that they are given enough medication so internal parasites don’t weaken or kill them.

In truth it is not just the bottle lambs that are this ungrateful. The flock in Waimea have it good. Fresh grassland offered up to twice a week. That means I am moving the fences, water, the cameras, the mineral and chasing any errant sheep back inside their selected area.

By no means am I able to keep pace with all their needs, and guilt sets in when I miss preventable health issues or feel so overwhelmed I start taking longer to get things done because I lack hope.

But these weaknesses as an imperfect Shepherd only highlights God’s perfection. He consistently shows compassion. Rescues the wayward one. Makes sure “bread” is available whether it is to satisfy physical needs or spiritual or emotional needs. He is closer than the most wonderful mom, dad or friend. He’s aware of what you are thinking and does not shrink back. He knows perfectly our needs and desires and listens. He SEES us.

God’s shepherding is about seeing, always alert, and having full power. He knows at the end of the current broken chaotic world HE will right all wrongs, bring a home that does not fall into disrepair, our stomachs won’t growl, our emotions healed.

He waited for Israelites to stop chasing after their own ideas and acknowledge true life. He waits for us to do the same. He never leaves or forsakes us and when our minds accept that fact by faith, we trample the enemy’s power over us.

Author: Thema

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